Microsoft Updates, Patches and Hotfixes
Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)

WSUS enables IT administration to download updates from Microsoft and distribute them to workstations across the network.

  • A key feature in WSUS is the ability to target updates to specific computers, enhancing the efficiency and ability to issue security updates.
  • Offers a number of features associated with approving updates, including setting deadlines for updates to be completed and uninstalling updates.
  • Bandwidth Conservation: By distributing updates via WSUS, a very large amount of bandwidth is saved by not having each workstation going out to the internet to get the updates themselves.
Other software upgrades

Updates often introduce required and requested features, as well as enhancements and fixes. A big part of this process is testing these updates to be sure they are compatible in our environment.


Maintaining district functionality involves preventive and corrective maintenance on items such as:

  • Hardware: servers, workstations, monitors, printers, network gear and projectors, etc.
  • Software: Microsoft Windows, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Office, Exchange and Outlook (email), ESIS, AutoCad, Mealtime, etc.

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