Identity Management

Identity Management is the process of authenticating and authorizing the network-based users who need to use online services and resources. These generally include:

  • Provisioning is the process of granting and revoking the appropriate access rights and privileges to employees and students.
  • Email Access:Each staff member and student is provided with email and access to appropriate email (distribution) groups.
    • Staff: Each staff member is provided an Exchange account which not only provides email, but also includes features like public folders, calendars and contacts. Through Outlook Web Access, staff can access these features from any computer connected to the internet. Mobile devices such as the Apple iPhone and devices running Windows Mobile 5.0 or greater can also access these features.
    • Students: Each student (with parental permission) is provided with a Windows Live account. Windows Liveis a collection of programs and services that includes:
      • Mail: Fast, easy, reliable e-mail, with more spam protection and plenty of storage.
      • SkyDrive: Store files online, and share them with the people you choose.
      • Safety: Email can only be received from District Staff, Universities, and other students. This provides protection from spam and other inappropriate material.
Vulnerability Management

Identify vulnerabilities or weaknesses in the computing environment, and provide the infrastructure to eliminate them. Vulnerability Management solutions generally include:

  • Firewalls: A firewall is a system or group of systems that enforces an access control policy between two networks. The firewall has a dual role as the mechanism that exists both to block and to permit traffic attempting to access network resources.
  • Vulnerability assessment: Evaluate and monitor operating systems and applications for needed fixes to known problems, such as viruses, worms, unsecured backdoors, and security holes.
Trust Management

Trust Management is the practice of protecting and enabling activities that are of high risk to the enterprise. These solutions rely on encryption and access control techniques to create a secure process for authorized individuals. Trust Management solutions generally include:

  • Web Content Filtering: Define and enforce internet usage policies for both Staff and Student networks.
  • Virtual Private Networks. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a private data network that uses the public telecommunication infrastructure (as opposed to a system of owned or leased lines), maintaining privacy through the use of a tunneling protocols and security procedures. Through our VPN, a staff member has the ability to access their resources on the district network securely via the internet.

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