SMART Board interactive whiteboard

SmartBoardCoos Bay School District currently utilizes SMART technology with approximately 22 units around the district. The SMART Board interactive whiteboard is a touch-sensitive display that connects to your computer and digital projector. Using a finger, you can control computer applications, write notes, pull up charts and images, search the Internet, play videos and save your work. The SMART Board interactive whiteboard has the flexibility to engage all learning styles.

  • Visual learners can easily see colorful, movable images and diagrams that the interactive whiteboard displays, even from the back of the classroom
  • Kinesthetic learners can interact and explore by moving letters, numbers, words and pictures with the touch of a finger
  • Auditory learners can be immersed in a complete multimedia experience using optional USB speakers or SMART Audio.
 District-wide, there are over 55 A/V carts that connect to our wireless network. These carts include Dell workstations as well as Gyration In-Air mice and keyboard suites.

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